Who updates and maintains the data?

Team Spockholm does.

Change sort order?

Click on the column headers, you can sort both ascending and descending.
Sorting is page based.

What does age mean?

How old the datapoint is, time since last scan of the family.

How often is the data updated?

Our goal is to update the full index least once a week.

101 members, how?

100 members plus 1 Godfather/Godmother.

Real Ices, Real Kills

Zynga misplaced a lot of ice/kill data a while back. We have adjusted the scores for this missing data.
You can read more about it here: MWLL Blog - Team Spockholm Restores Lost Family Data

Why is my family not listed?

On the leaderboard only top 100 families are listed right now. Sorted by ices.

How do I get the family id?

Use our Family Info spocklet or Family ID, get them both on the experimental page.

Tech way to get family id

Find your family profile link. Replace any %3D with = (equal sign). base64 decode the result.
Example link: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/family.php?id=%7B%22id%22%3A%2Mjc%3D%22%7D
Giving Mjc= to decode, which is 27.

How do I view my non-top100 family?

Using your family id and this url: http://spockon.me/familyrank/family-familyidnumber

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